About Me


Hi, Big steve here as i am commonly known as. Hope you are having a great day 🙂

Well abit about myself. I am a small business owner. Basically we deal with wall papers, furniture, paints etc etc etc. I got into this line after working for 10 years in the corporate world. I was getting sick and tired of working long hours while getting an average wage. Thus with the encouragement and support of my wife, i decided to try and do something i love.

And that is how i started going about into doing home improvement projects. See the thing about life is that we spend so much hours in our home. We work there, we have fun there, we rest there etc etc etc. So basically our memories are mostly formed in our home.

Which is why it is that important that you get a home you LOVE! Budget is always an issue but hey…all it takes is some time to do up the home of your dream. Look what money does is buy you your home….what is seldom told is that you can build your home. Building takes time. Money saves you the time that’s all. But by building and getting involved in your home. Trust me, you will cherish it more.